Server Update on Nov 2020

Added Vip telerock in @shop
Added wheel of destiny in @shop
Added Gachapon Ticket in InkWell
Added Chairs in InkWell
 Added scissor of karma in @shop
Added megaphone in @shop
Added Cody in FM selling 65 x Unique Mount
Added lvl 58 - 100 weapon into zakum
Added 120-145 Weapon into Horntail
Added lvl 150 - 160 Weapon into Pink Bean
Magic Throwing Knife added into Pink Bean's drop
Showa Female Boss... Read More

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Server's Features

Hello everyone,

Many of you asking what server features do we have so here are the list below:

1) Custom Chairs
2) Custom Item
3) Custom Mount
4) Player Command @shop / @go zakuum / @go horntail / @go pinkbean / @go toad / @go cwkpq / @go krexel/ @whatdropsfrom / @skills
5) Unique Gacha System (Custom Cash Item)
6) Link Skill @ Level 150 
7) Link Stats for Character in the same account
8) Regular GM EventsRead More

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Welcome to MapleToday!
We are excited to announce that MapleToday has now officially launched!
Join the community and live out your childhood by playing the Nostalgic, we all grew up loving!

Please download the latest files if you have not done so already!
Windows Launcher:

We have also introduced Streaming... Read More
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User Control Panel

Discord - Let's connect together!

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